Stories That Rocked My Week – #2

14 Feb

What better day to share the posts I loved this week? Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m sure you all have fabulous-yet-frugal plans to celebrate the loves in your life, whether it’s your partner, furry friend or, best yet, yourself!

Photo by photophilde via Flickr

Photo by photophilde via Flickr

Here are posts that I fell for:

A Budget Won’t Fix Your Problems by Jacob/CashCowCouple on SnarkFinance – Jacob continues to blow my mind with his practical approach to finance. This line, for example, eloquently summarized why a formal budget will never work in my household: “In reality, many people just have the wrong motives from the start. They try to spend as much as possible up to that budgeting line, then they make excuses if they fail and outspend the budget.”

Sell Your Junk: How to Make Money on Ebay by Mel/BrokeRICHGirl – I found this gem of a post after Mel commented on my latest story on consignment. I’ve always been wary about eBay but Mel’s detailed, easy-to-understand “how to” on the subject has inspired me to get over it and get on it. Thanks Mel!

To Kid or Not to Kid by WellHeeledBlog – I was hooked on this post from the headline, and WHB’s thought process parallels my own so closely that it’s downright eerie. It’s a great read for anyone contemplating the big question (and read the comments if you have time — some great stuff there, too).

10 Things You Could Do Instead of Buying This Louis Vuitton Purse by Jessica/Mo’ Money, Mo’ Houses – I’m a recovering (and recurring) materialist, so I love how Jessica compared all the truly meaningful experiences one could have for the same price as an exceedingly overpriced handbag.

I’m Not Having Kids (and That’s Okay) by Kali/Common Sense Millennial – Having kids is not an easy decision but what makes it worse is people who assume they know better than you on the subject. Kali offers awesome responses to the most ridiculous “advice” from presumptuous a-holes.

How We Lowered Our Cell Phone Bill By Over $100/Month by Planting Our Pennies — You must read the entire series to get the full benefit of this brilliant post. The first will make you laugh if you’ve ever dealt with nonexistent customer service from mobile carriers. The second will hopefully inspire you to take a hard look at your mobile plan (as it did me — more on that later).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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