Shoe Savings and Sale Alerts

24 Feb

Photo by Lel4nd via Flickr

Photo by Lel4nd via Flickr


Recently, I learned the best way to save on shoes is not to buy them. Groundbreaking, right?

Of course, by “not buy them” I mean “not buy them right now.” When I avoid DSW for a couple months, I get the sweetest beckoning for my return in the form a coupon for $20 off any purchase of $49 or more. The prospect of 40-percent off shoes is enough to make me feel faint with anticipation. Oh, the possibilities!

If only the other stores I frequent had similar customer retention programs. Nothing gets me through the doors of DSW quicker than that glorious, over-sized postcard. In the absence of that happening, however, sales alerts are the next best thing. Staying in-the-know about promotions is an easy way to maximize savings. Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Sign up for store e-mails
  • Follow brands on Facebook and Twitter
  • Sign up for alerts on deals sites
  • Enroll in free “preferred customer” memberships

Understanding that stores will inundate your inbox with updates and promotions, it’s a good idea to create an e-mail address just for this purpose. That way, your friend’s e-vite to her baby shower won’t get lost among the offers.

Additionally, you need to separate general promotions from real deals and abstain from getting sucked in by new products. For example, sites like let you sign up to receive alerts when your favorite retailers offer free delivery. If you planned to purchase a few things from that retailer anyway, holding off until you can avoid delivery costs is a hassle-free way to save some cash on a purchase for which you’ve already budgeted.

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