Hello…it’s me.

11 Jan

I’m still here, I swear!

Photo by Tim G. via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Tim G. via Flickr Creative Commons

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity, as the holiday season typically is for those of us in the shopping and discount industry. While I’ve been radio silent on this blog since September, I promise I’ve been spreading the good word about bargains, savings tools, shopping strategies and more through other means. That said, I miss my Hassle-Free Savings posts and, in the spirit of joining all the other suckers out there in making ill-fated New Year’s Resolutions, I resolve to post more frequently to this blog in 2016. Am I instilling you with confidence yet?

My problem, like most maintaining a blog, is coming up with clever, captivating content that doesn’t revolve around TJMaxx as the ultimate shopping solution. I also struggle with creating content that doesn’t shove minimalism down the throats of readers seeking practical money-saving solutions to everyday expenses and splurges. That being said, something I heard Joshua Fields Millburn say during a recent podcast by The Minimalists inspired me to re-commit to this blog (and other pursuits I have in the hopper):

“Our affinity for perfection or getting it ‘just right’ prohibits us from actually doing it.”

How true is this? I think it’s the perfect statement right now, during a month in which many of us make lofty resolutions that inevitably lose steam in just a few weeks. As a perfectionist, I’m hesitant to start anything unless I know it will work out “just so,” which is completely ridiculous. In reality, my standards are made impossibly high so I can opt out of change altogether, even if change is what’s desperately needed.

I may be getting off track here but the quote was so inspirational that I had to share it with you! And I’m using it as a launching board to get back on track with this blog, however imperfect my attempt may be. I look forward to interacting with my readers again and learning about the ways in which you’re making your life, money-related and otherwise, more hassle-free in 2016. Cheers!

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