Frugal Win: Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I’m a big fan of this holiday and, as usual, went a little crazy with face “paint” this year. I’ve found face makeup and a good wig are all I need to make a statement without spending too much money on Halloween. My mom made the best costumes for us as kids, and as such I can’t touch the store-bought ones that are overpriced and poorly made. One year, I tried to put together a costume with clothing I already own and just a few inexpensive accessories, and ended up looking more like a talk-show host than the superhero alter-ego I was going for. So, I now focus my efforts on my face and hair!

This year, I opted for a deer — my company hosted a murder-mystery themed holiday party last year and I was assigned the role of Vixen, so I had the makeup, wig and deer headband already. My mom and I created the headband from sale items we found at JoAnn Fabric — easy peasey! The wig and headband lasted until just about an hour ago — they’re cute but very uncomfortable! I may be minimizing my Halloween look even more next year by just sticking to makeup!

Decor-wise, my husband is hellbent on growing the biggest pumpkin possible, so we always have plenty of homegrown beauties to carve. We spent the afternoon yesterday carving four pumpkins, and we’re quite pleased with the results. Growing pumpkins from seeds is as frugal as you can get! Comparable pumpkins from Walmart or a local supermarket would cost us $7 to $15, while a pumpkin patch would be double that.

Candy is my Achilles Heel during the month of October. Since I often contribute to articles about saving money, I start talking Halloween in mid-September, so images of candy corn and Halloween candy plant themselves in my psyche early. When candy corn was priced at two for $6, I caved. Twice. That’s right — I’m one of the few lunatics who likes candy corn.

I held off on buying candy for trick-or-treaters until last Wednesday, and have been munching happily on the bag ever since. I buy in bulk from Costco because they have all my favorites in a single bag and it’s EASY. I could save about 30% by comparing sales and stocking up on sale candy at big-box stores or even grocery stores, but I’m afraid I value my time more than the $5 it would save me to do so (right or wrong!).

So that’s it, folks. Another successful Halloween in the books! How frugal was your All Hallow’s Eve?

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