Frugal & Fickle: A Tough Combo

18 Apr

Being fickle is hard on the pocketbook.

My mom learned this during my teen years when my bedroom scheme changed as quickly as my moods. As I’ve gotten older, my inner decorator hasn’t gotten any easier to please. I’m highly impressionable and can be swayed easily with one simple glance at a magazine spread.

Despite a personal inability to commit to a scheme, I seem to have an uncanny ability to help others create beautiful spaces. Somehow, spending someone else’s money brings out a level of firm decision-making unknown to me when my budget is on the line. When I experienced this decisiveness during a recent bathroom makeover for my mother-in-law, I decided once and for all to apply it to my own space.

I targeted my guest bathroom for this challenge since I was never satisfied with my initial design efforts (shocking!). I set a budget of $200, hoping the discount TJMaxx gift card I purchased at 20-percent off would give me some wiggle room. Upon visiting my favorite discount retailer without a clear design direction, I nearly walked out empty-handed until my eyes found a small vase textured like sea glass. It had a rough, natural-toned rope twisted around the lip and instantly reminded me of my childhood vacations at the beach. And just like that, I’d found my muse.

Now, I could describe in painful detail all the items I bought, returned, bought and returned again before finally completing my project. Since that’s about as interesting as watching paint dry, I’ve decided to show you my finished product in pictures.


photobathphoto-1I spent $226.05 on the redesign minus the $20 savings I scored through my discount gift card purchase. All in all, I went $6.05 over-budget but I firmly believe it was money well spent. Now go into my guest bathroom for no other reason than to marvel at the outcome.

Kendal: 1 Fickleness: 0

What home decorating or renovation projects have you tackled recently? How did you keep it frugal?

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