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Your Money: Cheap Date Ideas

18 Jun

I think dating is far more accessible during the summer, not to mention much cheaper. While the cold, gray days of winter keep dating activities restricted to indoor venues like restaurants and movie theaters, warm weather opens up a host of opportunities for canoodling on the cheap. I came up with several frugal summer date ideas which I shared with anchor Kirk Yuhnke during this morning’s Good Day Colorado broadcast.

What’s your favorite frugal summer date activity?

Your Money: How You’re Blowing It

16 Apr

I like to think of myself as a pretty frugal person. This hasn’t always been the case, but in recent years I’ve done a much better job of managing my spending. Yet, I know there are a few things I do that still sabotage my bank account. We’ve heard this phenomenon referred to as “the latte effect,” but it extends to bigger oversights like food and energy. I shared a few ways that most of us blow money as well as tips to fix them with Kirk Yuhnke on Good Day Colorado.

What do you blow money on? Is there something you used to spend money on that you don’t anymore?

Save on Spring Cleaning

19 Mar

Happy Spring! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see leaves and green grass again. I’m not the biggest fan of winter and I pretty much count the days ’til spring starting in January. It’s been a long time coming!

With spring comes the desire to dust, disinfect and otherwise declutter our living spaces. I got a head start on this project a few weeks again when I discovered the scrubbing power of water and microfiber towels. I shared that tip and a few others on Daybreak this morning with Kim Posey.

What’s your favorite money-saving hack for spring cleaning?

Dollars & Sense: Grocery Trends

19 Feb

I read recently that the former owner of Trader Joe’s is opening a new grocery store in Massachusetts selling only expired food. Since “use buy” or “sell by” dates do not necessarily mean something is past its prime, he hopes to give low-income families an opportunity to purchase healthier food for fast-food prices.

It’s a tough sell but I applaud his attempt to reduce the ridiculous amount of food waste in this country, while giving cash-strapped folks better access to healthy food. I did some research and found a few other trends in grocery store shopping and saving, including an increase in online ordering and social media deals. I shared my findings during this mornings Daybreak broadcast with anchor Kim Posey.

Dollars & Sense: Cut Mobile Costs

15 Jan

Things are getting heated in the mobile industry, with AT&T and T-Mobile duking it out over their respective customers. Just one week after AT&T announced their offer of up to $450 in plan and device credits for T-Mobile customers, T-Mobile retaliated with an offer of up to $650 in credit for AT&T customers. Meanwhile, Sprint has done away with their annual device upgrade program, and no-contract plans are increasing in popularity as consumers become increasingly annoyed by strict agreements and erroneous fees.

With all the options available today, how do you know which plan is right for you? I stopped by the FOX31 Denver studio to chat with Good Day Colorado’s Kirk Yuhnke about ways to reduce mobile costs in 2014.