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Save on Spring Trends

28 Mar

Unseasonably warm weather is currently blanketing the country and I’m more than happy to snuggle up to the sunshine. Doing so means shedding some layers, however, and there’s no better time to evaluate the contents of your closet and refresh it with the latest spring trends. Before you drop a wad on neon shirts and art deco […]

Store Emails: Hassle or Helpful?

21 Mar

There’s a lot of talk lately about the value of promotional emails from retailers. In an earlier post, I suggested readers sign up for these emails in order to take advantage of savings and time their budgeted shopping trips accordingly. That’s all well and good, but the whole point of broadcasting sales and discounts is to […]

Easy-Peasey-Yet-Overlooked Discounts

14 Mar

I finally took  my own advice recently and created a separate email account for the many offers I receive from retailers. So far, I’m not in the habit of checking it regularly, which likely means my spending on unnecessary items will decrease — at least for now. Signing up for emails is an easy, yet […]

The Day I Discovered Generics

7 Mar

When I was a little, the father of a friend of mine was extremely frugal and would often pontificate his preference for generic brands. “They’re exactly the same as big brands,” he would say. “Exactly the same, but half the price!” I nodded my head in agreement despite shamelessly judging his lack of taste. Generic […]

Hesitation Gets You Savings

28 Feb

A recent setback had me pessimistic about online deals, but behold! My latest experience is a positive one and offers the perfect example of scoring additional savings while benefiting from an existing promotion. Today is Leap Day, and in addition to prolonging the pain that is February in Northern Colorado — I’m not a skiier so snowy […]

No Free Shipping? No Thanks.

27 Feb

  One of the biggest hassles I encounter is finding a great deal online, only to have it nullified by noxious shipping fees that I refuse to pay. Case and point: Earlier today, I found a black leather belt from LOFT to replace the one my mom gave me, which I wore until it met […]

Shoe Savings and Sale Alerts

24 Feb

  Recently, I learned the best way to save on shoes is not to buy them. Groundbreaking, right? Of course, by “not buy them” I mean “not buy them right now.” When I avoid DSW for a couple months, I get the sweetest beckoning for my return in the form a coupon for $20 off any […]

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

22 Feb

You know the rest. And so do I, though anyone who witnessed my purchasing behavior this past weekend would assume otherwise. I let myself be victim to a classic “bait and switch” strategy that left me with a sickening feeling reserved only for really dumb mistakes. Despite my best intentions, I allowed a dubious offer […]

Best Pizza in Town

20 Feb

A friend and I were just discussing our favorite pizza joints, a popular conversation in a college town littered with local staples and big-chain wannabes. While we quizzed each other on the places we’d been and whether or not they lived up to the hype, I realized my favorite pizza place was as close to […]

Unit Price Rules, and Other Advice

16 Feb

Today is my husband’s birthday, and I think there’s no better time to reflect on what he’s taught me about money. When we first got together, our respective spending habits caused some raised eyebrows, mostly on his part. I remember one outing where he was appalled I would pay $4 for a head of lettuce. […]