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To Fix / Not Fix? The $1,800 Question

31 Jul

Confession: I form emotional attachments to my cars. My first car was a hunter green 1995 Saturn. It had wheat cloth interior. It was a wonderful first car and I was reluctant to give it up when it started to decline. It was replaced by a new Saturn, this time pale blue-gray and curvier than […]

Cheers to a Frugal Anniversary

20 Jun

On Friday, my husband and I celebrated 11 years as a married couple. Every year, I think I’ll plan something big like a weekend getaway somewhere, and then the event sneaks up on me and it’s too late to do anything other than a local excursion. Despite my grandiose daydreams of seaside mornings with bubbly […]

The Lost Art of TLC

18 Apr

Recently, my husband and I started shopping for ceiling fans. Riveting, I know; the process is just as mind-numbing as it sounds. The one in our living room ticks excessively, making tiny but repeated divots in our psyches until we’re both ready to launch ourselves out the window. In the past, cleaning the blades would either […]

Saving on Cooling Costs: A Parody

17 Jun

When you write about saving money all day, every day, some topics are inevitably more compelling than others. I tend to get distracted on sunny Friday afternoons like this one, when I’d rather be feeling the breeze on my face with cocktail in hand than writing about saving money on summer cooling costs. So, at the […]

Tipping: My Financial Bane

9 May

Confession: I really, really hate tipping. I’m one of those people who would rather pay more for restaurant meals, transportation and other tip-heavy services just to avoid it. It’s not that I don’t think people in gratuity-based industries deserve tips; they absolutely do. I just don’t have the capacity to calculate an appropriate tip on a whim, […]

Recurring Expense Hacking FTW

19 Apr

An alternative title for this post: Justifying My Cupcake Addiction. The reason will become clear. Recently, my husband hacked our auto insurance renewal and saved $250 on our annual premium. Then, he reduced our Verizon bill by $15 a month. His successes led me to finally cancel a $30-per-month supplemental insurance policy I’ve had for […]

2016 Spending Goals

19 Feb

Last year, I spent $56 on cupcakes. I reviewed my year-end credit card summary recently and noticed several charges from ButterCream Cupcakery, the hard-to-resist bakery cruelly located across the street from my yoga studio. This local shop has regular flavors and recurring daily specials, and Thursday’s flavor is the proverbial icing on the cake. To paraphrase […]

Hello…it’s me.

11 Jan

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity, as the holiday season typically is for those of us in the shopping and discount industry. While I’ve been radio silent on this blog since September, I promise I’ve been spreading the good word about bargains, savings tools, shopping strategies and more through other means. […]

Seeking Savings on Sight: My Experience with Warby Parker

15 Sep

Disclaimer: Warby Parker did NOT pay me for this review, nor did they request it.  Confession: I’m blind as a bat. My first pair of glasses graced my visage in the second grade, during which time I distinctly remember wearing those funky black paper glasses they give you after dilating your eyes all. day. long. […]

My Fashion Face-Palm

3 Sep

I’m going through a pretty incredible style slump right now. Over the past several weeks, I’ve cut my wardrobe in half and given away garments I once considered closet staples. My friends couldn’t be happier as they’ve been the recipients of this major overhaul. Though I’m pleased my once-loved threads are finding new affection, I […]