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Comparing Costs for Canine Surgery

30 Aug

My dog needed oral surgery. Instead of saying “okay, schedule the appointment” to the vet who recommended it, I picked up the phone and called several other vets to learn what they charged for the procedure. This led me to find someone who actually examined our dogs a couple times when they were younger, and […]

To Fix / Not Fix? The $1,800 Question

31 Jul

Confession: I form emotional attachments to my cars. My first car was a hunter green 1995 Saturn. It had wheat cloth interior. It was a wonderful first car and I was reluctant to give it up when it started to decline. It was replaced by a new Saturn, this time pale blue-gray and curvier than […]

Cheers to a Frugal Anniversary

20 Jun

On Friday, my husband and I celebrated 11 years as a married couple. Every year, I think I’ll plan something big like a weekend getaway somewhere, and then the event sneaks up on me and it’s too late to do anything other than a local excursion. Despite my grandiose daydreams of seaside mornings with bubbly […]

How I’m Saving $1,500+ on Travel

23 May

I love me some travel. In fact, now that I’ve changed my relationship with things, most of my big spending is on travel. Still, given how quickly travel costs can spiral out of control, it’s important to find ways to save money on my plans. Planning travel is almost as fun as the trip itself, and […]

The Lost Art of TLC

18 Apr

Recently, my husband and I started shopping for ceiling fans. Riveting, I know; the process is just as mind-numbing as it sounds. The one in our living room ticks excessively, making tiny but repeated divots in our psyches until we’re both ready to launch ourselves out the window. In the past, cleaning the blades would either […]

6 Actions That Save Me Big Money

16 Mar

Spending less is something we all strive to do, and each of us has different strategies for keeping our sticky fingers out of our bank accounts. I know better than to window shop when I don’t need to buy anything, and I try to avoid grocery shopping when I’m hungry. And while it’s easy to […]

Don’t Go Into Debt for a Ring

24 Feb

While researching stats for pitch related to engagement rings, I came across a gem of an article (NSFW) on Thought Catalog about the engagement rings real women received and how much they cost their partners. Of the 13 people quoted, ring costs range from $0 to $30,000 – no joke, thirty-fricken thousand dollars. The justifications some of these […]

New Ways to Save Money on Shipping

20 Feb

Despite the appeal of online shopping, I still make the majority of my purchases in physical stores because I don’t want to bother paying for shipping or return shipping. One of my biggest pet peeves is paying for the pleasure of trying something on that doesn’t work out. When it comes to shipping fees, I’m too much of […]

How to Save $1,300+ on Insurance

6 Jan

And no, it has nothing to do with a green reptile. I consider myself a pretty conscious consumer. I know to compare rates between service providers regularly, and to question charges I don’t recognize on statements. It’s for this reason that I felt constantly frustrated and stymied when I compared auto and home insurance rates. […]

When Paying Full Price Pays Off

15 Dec

As a bargain shopper, it’s tough for me to pay full price for anything anymore. Eventually, everything goes on sale. But as an impatient person who wants what she wants when she wants it, waiting isn’t exactly my forte, either. So, when I stumbled upon some quality leggings and a tank top to outfit my cold-weather […]