Kendal PerezAt the tender age of three, Kendal Perez wandered away from her mother during a family outing to the local mall. Twenty minutes later, a security guard found her window shopping at nearby department store, ogling the well-dressed mannequins and oblivious to the gut-wrenching panic she caused her family.

The rest, as they say, is history.

While she no longer solicits feelings of overwhelming anxiety in her shopping buddies, Kendal often receives inquisitive looks from her husband when she arrives home with yet another bag from DSW.

A limited budget and a desire to keep her marital status intact influences her pursuit of bargains on everything from household repairs to high-waisted jeans.

And though she respects people who save thousands of dollars on toothpaste and Twinkies, Kendal finds it difficult to jump onto the extreme-couponing bandwagon as coupon binders often clash with her outfit.

Understanding that many shoppers want to save money without obsessing over the Sunday circulars, Kendal is committed to sharing her shopping exploits as a resource for anyone looking to save a few bucks. As the Savings Expert for CouponSherpa.com, a deals’ site and mobile app with thousands of coupons, Kendal has the resources to justify online shopping as a full-time occupation.

In addition to frequenting discount retailers and consignment shops, Kendal enjoys finding innovative ways to feed her shopping addiction without overindulging her bank account.

And though Kendal is currently enjoying DINK status, her advice is applicable to anyone who wants to experience the euphoria of paying less for something. Kendal has been featured recently on FOX31 and FOX Business, as well as in Bankrate, MainStreet.com, MONEY, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and US News & World Report.

Disclaimer: Despite her fantastic advice, Kendal is not a financial professional. Her tips should be viewed as guidance, not gospel.